Your Best Web Design

Nothing can go farther to advance your business or to sink it more than the first page of your site. The landing page as it is called can either entice folks to hang around your site and dig a little deeper to see what you have to offer or it can send them running to find something that interests them more. Fortunately you have the option of turning that trend towards the former rather than the later by simply choosing the correct components and design for it.

No matter what your website is about it has only a matter of seconds to capture the interest of the busy web surfer that is clicking through looking for things. That means it has to convey your message quickly and easily and that it has to load quickly. Think about your last trips to My Space. If you happen to click on a page, and if it takes a long time for the page to load because it is so confoundedly cluttered with graphics, audio and goop. There is a good chance you will bypass it in search of a friendlier page. Your website is no different.

It doesn’t matter if you are specializing in model cars of green card replacement. It is not important if the site is based on MS Word document templates or US immigration forms or if you are tutoring folks on taking a high school test or the US citizenship exam. The honest truth of the matter is that you have to keep your visitor there long enough to win them over or you could be giving away a new Corvette and if they can’t stay there long enough to see that information they will soon go away and more than likely will not return.

The world is a busy place and the World Wide Web is even busier. People want access to things immediately or sooner. That is why the speed of computers, memory and the connection speeds keep going up. People hate to wait and your initial page should not make them. Once they get to that page and stay then the following pages can be a little denser because you have already won them over.

So again it is up to you to look at your target web viewer and align your landing page to deal with their needs. It doesn’t matter if you are touting the US citizenship exam and US immigration forms to allow for green card renewal or if you are giving them different varieties of chicken soup. It has to be arranged in a way that will get them to stop at your page and then is capable of being able to pull them in to examine the content that you have on your site.

As you will more than likely discover, when it comes to the landing page especially, simpler is better and the less complicated you can make the experience the more traffic you will capture and the more repeat business you will get to your site.