Web Design Tips

Building a website might seem like an easy thing to do but there are many factors which make a site successful. Here are a few things you want to think about when you build an online site for your business to help you be successful on the Internet.

Functionality is extremely important. When you build your website you should have someone look over your site to be sure it is fully functional. If you host your own website the computer used to hold the files should not be used for anything else. Problems occur for people when they have a nice site up but they work off the computer also. When files get moved around and cleaned up or deleted a site can be affected. Many people move folders to new locations and don’t realize the photos on their site were pointed to those folders. That can cause broken links and other problems.

Content and photos are important on every online business. You want to have a good combination of content and photos. Too much content can be boring for a customer. If you are selling artificial Christmas trees don’t just talk about them. There should be photos of the artificial Christmas trees so the customers have the opportunity to be able to see what your products look like before they purchase them.

When you use photos on your website it is important they are photos that you own. The photos should be appealing and relevant to your products. Never copy and paste a photo from another website and put it on yours. This would be theft. Photos create an interest for users. You should include photos of your prelit Christmas trees so the customers can see what they look like. An important factor about photos is that you should always compress them before you add them to your web pages. If you do not compress your photos the pages may take too long to open when people visit the site. This will cause customers to go to another site. No one wants to wait online. Because of high speed internet today users are used to having pages load quickly and easily.

Another factor about web design is content. Content works with search engines to help you rank when a user types in a search term. Because you are selling trees your content needs to have the important keywords that users will type in a search box. If you don’t have any content on your site then your site won’t work well with the search engines and you may not find your site when you run searches.

There are many factors to a good website. Many people know how to build a website but they don’t know the primary factors which make a site successful. The important factors that make your site successful include the content, photos, and functionality. When you have the right mix of all of these things you will have a successful online site for your business. If you do not know how to do these things you can hire a web design company to help you.