The Important of Designing a Faster Loading Business Website

Maintaining a website is not easy. There are many things that you have to consider in order to ensure increased traffic. If you own a business site, you have to look into the loading time. You can lose out a lot of site visitors to a slow loading site. Your online presence is of utmost importance and since you’re competing with many other relevant sites, you should be the first one to attract the attention of site visitors and retain them. Loading time is an obstacle especially if your site is too slow. You can make use of these tips to ensure a faster loading business website: A website with too many images will surely load slowly. If you want to have a faster loading site, you need to decrease the images. A beautiful site needs graphics and images but don’t overdo it. When putting graphics or images, you have to include only the necessary ones. If you can do this, you will have a clutter-free and professional looking website.

When using images for your business site, don’t use the bulky ones. Instead, you can offer thumbnails of the images but provide a link for the detailed images on a separate page. Customers can view the thumbnails and just in case they want to see the full image, they can click on the link. All images in your site should not exceed 15kb and it’s best to use JPEG files. For the graphics, you can make use of GIF and avoid the ones with many colors. To ensure fast loading time, you can create tables. This is ideal for developing menus on your site which can give way to interesting patterns or ideas. If you use tables, the loading time is not affected and you will have a unique site that can attract visitors with ease. Flash can be bothersome and distracting.

For a business site, you will need to reduce using this feature. A single mistake can lead to slow loading time. Impatient site visitors will surely leave the page because flash is capable of slowing the systems of the computer. Other online activities of the site visitor will also be affected by flash. If you can avoid this, the better. Substitute graphics and images with CSS. This is similar to HTML codes and so your site will load faster. You can accomplish cool text effects by using CSS creatively and innovatively. Animated GIF can slow the loading time and since this is similar to the flash, you should avoid using it as much as possible. If you do need this on your site, minimize its usage. Conduct HTML cleanup. Some codes are already bloated with unnecessary tags. Use a cleaning program so that only the necessary tags are retained. With this option, you can enhance the loading time by 50%.

If all else fails, the problem probably lies with the hosting company. You can work it out with the hosting company but if the problem persists, you can now start looking for a reputable and better company. Designing the business website is very important. You have to ensure that site visitors don’t get bored easily. With faster loading time, you can expect more visitors and higher conversions. This will eventually lead to increased sales and profits.