Freelance web designer salary

A good freelance web designer salary is based on many factors. The first being, how good are you at what you do? The potential client is not going to pay an exorbitant hourly rate for shoddy work or badly laid out websites and everything that is shown to them needs to reflect quality.

By choosing to be a freelance web designer, you have set yourself apart from the ones that work for a firm doing the same thing. Therefore, you need to shine much brighter than they in order to attract the larger clients and thereby, a larger hourly rate. Freelancers in general have a difficult time when first starting out but once their work becomes known, the sky is the limit.

A good freelance web designer can start out charging about $40.00 to $60.00 an hour and work up from there. One with quite a lot of experience and work to show for it may charge as high as $100.00 to $150.00 an hour in the right market. These hourly rates depend on many different factors.

The beginning freelance designer will not have that much to show a potential client, therefore what they do have had better be something special. By showing them a premier website and not just the same old ones, a first impression of quality work can be achieved. The “Wow!” factor of the first impression is paramount when courting new clients, particularly when starting out.

You need to build and maintain a portfolio of websites in order to have a basis to show potential clients. Each of the websites in the portfolio should contain something that is a bit different from the others if at all possible. Clients will not want to see the same basic design for every website that you have ever done as they will be looking for something unique to make their companies website stand apart from the rest.

While everyone’s salary requirements are different, the last thing anyone wants is to be short changed. By charging the average rate when starting out, a client base can then be built. Once this is accomplished and your work is better known, the rates may climb exponentially to reflect the quality the client can expect.

Freelancing is a business and as in all business, hard work and dedication to what you do should be in the forefront of everyday thinking. This shows in every website that is designed and the end product is the only thing the potential client sees in order to decide whether or not they are willing to pay what is asked. As each website is built, think not only of the current client, but potential ones as well.

A web designer is both an artist and a computer geek rolled into one. The melding of code and graphics to produce a website that the client and you are both proud of is something akin to a minor symphony. By showing a client that you are worth more than they are paying, both of you may be satisfied.