5 Tips for Exploring Hawaii on a Budget

Hawaii may be celebrated for its fascinating geological features, spectacular beaches, amazing weather, and pink-hued sunsets over aquamarine waters, but the paradise the destination offers doesn’t come without a price. Hawaii isn’t one of those places known to be a bargain travel destination. Being one of the most isolated archipelagos in the world, Hawaii is known for high costs of accommodation, food, and activities. Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel to the Aloha State and enjoy what it has to offer on a budget. Here’s how you can visit Hawaii on the cheap.

Plan to Visit Early Fall or Late Winter

Hawaii’s high tourism season coincides with the cool, snowy months on the mainland. You want to avoid visiting during this time, especially the New Year’s and Christmas holidays. Airfare prices tend to drop in late January. Avoid visiting in summer as families pack the pristine beaches on the island. Why not join the low-season travelers club and take advantage of the bargain opportunities in September, October, and November? February brings sporadic deals as well. Consider not visiting in late April as this time coincides with a Japanese holiday. Take time to consider alternative airports as some islands can be cheaper to fly into than others.

Remain on One Island

Island-hopping can seem fun but in realty wastes your vacation to some extent. Note that each of the Hawaiian Islands has its own unique charm. Take time to plan your vacation and decide on which island you want to explore based on your preference. Inter-island flights are inexpensive but that doesn’t mean you puddle-jump from one island to the other. You’d rather spend the time spent in the air and driving to and from the airport making the most of your vacation on one island.

Consider your Accommodation Needs

Everyone wants to spend their vacation in an ocean-view suite but how many hours will they be spending in the hotel room each day? You must ask yourself hard questions. If you’re bringing your family with you an enjoy cooking, opt for a kitchenette. If you’re a rugged sleeper, have your accommodation in one of the campsites in the county, state, or national parks. Your goal should be to find accommodation based on your needs.

Consider Using Public Transportation

Going for a car rental option will mean paying for gas, parking, and valet service. Public transportation in Honolulu is efficient and will get you to some of the best spots on the island. Buses pass every ten minutes. At times you may have to wait for up to thirty minutes though. Even if you’re caught up in traffic, you can read on a bus.

Hit the Beach and take a Hike If you’re planning to spend most of your vacation time on the sand you might want to consider booking accommodation within walking distance of a beach. Remember most beaches in the Aloha State are public. Visitors are only required to pay if they have a vehicle. Hiking in Hawaii is extremely economical. And it’s one of the most exciting and awe-inspiring things to do here.

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